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(2021-Oct) 12th Overall at Formula Bharat

(2021) 19th Overall at Formula Bharat

(2020) 25th Overall at Formula Bharat

(2019) 26th Overall at Formula Bharat

(2018) 27th Overall at Formula Bharat

(2017) 46th Overall at Supra SAE

(2015) 4th from India at Formula Student Japan

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CRCE Formula Racing team is Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering’s Formula SAE Team.

A mutual passion for automobiles and a zeal to learn formed the essence of CRCE Formula Racing. Thirty Five Fr. CRCE students from a variety of engineering disciplines make up the 2019 - 20 CRCE Formula Racing team. Each student brings instrumental skills to the team, the union between the diverse skill and strong team work forms the core of our team.
The team made its international debut in 2014 at Formula Student Japan (FSJ) & its National debut in 2017 at the SAE Supra held at the Buddh International Circuit, New Delhi and looks forward to participate in the upcoming Formula Bharat held at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. CRCE Formula Racing provides an unrivalled learning experience, that allows engineers to integrate classroom concepts with a practical application, and compels students to overcome intellectual and collaborative challenges. The final racecar is a testament to the team’s incredible work ethic and dedication.
The general Goal, is to build the best Formula Student Racing Car, which is accomplished only when all the departments work together as a team. The students work till late nights after college on this project, in order to accomplish the goals set in advance.
Being part of CRCE Formula Racing means that you will acquire new soft-skills and practical knowledge that are essential for the life after graduating from the university.



Why Partner with us..